LUMEN Extends Its Value Proposition Into Personal Wellness and Mental Health

Kristin Molinaroli
3 min readMar 10, 2022


March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Avant, a global consulting practice dedicated to driving sustainable business success, today announced the extension of its LUMEN technology with a value proposition of personal wellness and mental health. The platform, which has been designed to help develop talent growth by tracking development, retention, and engagement with real-time feedback has recently seen some of its greatest successes with users in areas of self-improvement.

The formal expansion of LUMEN’s value proposition to encompass wellness is indicative of the synergy the application has demonstrated over the years from its intelligent rating system and involvement-driven alerts. Users remain engaged with the platform and prompted to see how their decisions and input are impacting their outcomes. When applied to personal wellness and mental health initiatives, LUMEN has proven to help users accomplish long-term goals related to lifelong challenges, including weight loss and sleep disruption.

LUMEN’s patent-pending technology, developed by Kristin Molinaroli under her practice Avant, was originally designed for corporate growth initiatives. Molinaroli has always put a strong focus on human performance, and LUMEN has shown this performance extends well beyond the workplace. User testimonials reveal that habits typically only kept for two to three months without LUMEN are retained and successful for over a year when practiced in tandem with the application.

Client reports of sustainable personal results and progress are just one catalyst for the expansion of the platform’s value proposition, which remains committed to helping elevate the user experience with powerful tools to track progress in real time. “LUMEN has proven itself to help users who are historically stuck in a variety of behavior patterns, professionally and personally,” says Molinaroli. “By officially extending our focus to encompass personal growth pursuits in wellness of all kinds, we’ll be able to dedicate development and support efforts for clients who have already demonstrated what LUMEN can do for them.”

Now three years into its life cycle, LUMEN continues to extend its benefits beyond workplace usage. Users have found benefits in the app for higher education, personal wellness and even mental health. LUMEN users can tackle personal challenges such as nutrition, weight loss, and sleep disruption. LUMEN helps users remain true to their goals with reminders, tracking, and dashboard feedback that encourages consistency, a key to making progress and experiencing personal results. Sheri A. has used LUMEN for over a year. She says this about its value, “LUMEN has been such an incredible eye opener and life changing app for me. The personalized goals and data point to my mini wins and highlight goal improvement areas. I have more energy and endurance at age 50, than I ever had at 30. LUMEN keeps me on target with my healthy lifestyle habits and promotes increased self-challenges. Forever Grateful!”

About LUMEN and Avant

LUMEN is a talent-development application designed to enhance employee development, growth, retention, and engagement by providing real-time feedback. LUMEN helps organizations build a coaching culture, speed up learning, deepen connections between managers and their employees, enhance onboarding, and improve the career development process. Avant is a well-established consulting firm with 30 years supporting Fortune 200 companies. Avant’s revolutionary technology elevates leader effectiveness and advances team capabilities to drive business results and improve organizational efficiency.

About Kristin Molinaroli

For the past 30 years, Kristin (Ihle) Molinaroli has focused on accelerating human performance — both personally and professionally. As president of Avant, Dr. Molinaroli is dedicated to talent, team, and organizational performance for Fortune 200 companies and startups. Molinaroli established Avant’s research and development division to create technology-enabled products. In 2017, Avant launched its first two technology products — DEAL and LUMEN.


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